The Fall of BirdsThe fall of birds. Russian guitar music (2002)

  • S. Rudnev (1955) – Arrangement of the Russian folk song “The Old Lime-Tree” (“Lipa Vekovaya”)
  • G. Beliaev (1966) – Suite “Prelude and 3 Valses”
  • N. Koshkin (1956) – Andante quasi passacaglia e toccata “The Fall of Birds”
  • N. Koshkin – “The Porcelain Tower” (variations on the theme by Stepan Rak)
  • N. Koshkin – Suite “Elves”

Total playing time 50:08

Acoustic music Katalog:

“Evgeni Finkelstein is possessed, an artist who devoted heart and soul to classical guitar music and who steals the hearts of his listeners. At the tender age of 22, right after he completed his studies, he got an invitation to lecture guitar at the Moscow Academy. His playing is marked by extraordinary technique coupled with intense musical expressiveness. On the current CD he presents the works of contemporary composers whose style has been influenced by Russian folklore and who, by the same token, explore the sonorous possibilities of the guitar down to the finest levels. Koshkin’s image-filled, fascinating composition «Fall of the Birds» will be a genuine discovery for many listeners, even for those who would be otherwise inclined to reject «modern» sounds. Finkelstein’s congenial interpretation is based on profound knowledge of the composer, with whom he shares ties of friendship. Finkelstein masters the at times difficult technical demands of the works with bravura. We look forward to hearing more from this artist”

SonataSonata (2004)

  • S. L. Weiss (1686-1750) – Ouverture in D dur (transcription for the guitar by N. Koshkin)
  • J. S. Bach (1685-1750) – Sonata a moll BWV 964 for harpsichord (transcription for the guitar by E. Finkelstein)
  • M. Giuliani (1781-1829) – Variations (Opus posthumous)
  • G. Muffate (1653-1704) – Passacaglia in A dur (transcription for the guitar by Hubert Zanoskar)
  • N. Koshkin (1956) – Prelude and valse (memory Andres Segovia)
  • E. Finkelstein (1972) – „The Black Raven” (variations on the Russian folk song)
  • E. Finkelstein (1972) – Ballade

Total time 60:53

Acoustic music Katalog:

“Following his much-acclaimed debut CD “The Fall of Birds”, which featured contemporary Russian guitar music, the young guitar virtuoso Yevgeni Finkelstein has once again come out with an impressive recording. This one presents a range of works from the baroque era to his own compositions. True to style, the first work is an overture by the great lutenist Silvius Leopold Weiss. Finkelstein follows it up with an outstanding interpretation of the Sonata for Harpsichord in D minor by J. S. Bach and Bach’s own transcription of the Violin Sonata No. 2 in A minor BWV 1003, which Finkelstein in turn transcribed for guitar. Finkelstein also masters with bravura the pyrotechnically virtuosic variations by Mauro Giulani, which put extreme technical demands on the performer. With the selection of the almost unknown Passacaglia in A for lute by the organist Georg Muffat, the interpreter not only shows his musical and tactile sensitivity, but also acquaints the listener with a wonderful composition. Nikita Koshkin’s “Homage to Segovia” and two own compositions round off the program in a cantabile and lyrical manner. “Sonata” is a classical CD for everyone, including connoisseurs who appreciate a diverse repertoire combined with masterful interpretations”