Classical guitar, Great Britain:

«This excellent disc of modern Russian guitar music, performed by young Russian virtuoso Evgeni Finkelstein gives us a valuable opportunity to explore a gratifyingly burgeoning repertoire»


«Evgeni Finkelstein ist Vladimir Horowitz of the classical guitar»

Magnitogorsky Rabochy, Russia:

«Everybody was charmed by young guitarist Evgueni Finkelstein from Moscow. In his hands the guitar sounded like an organ»

Lithuanian Echo:

«The young guitarist filled the hall with the mighty, powerful sound. His technique is perfect and he draws finest nuances from his guitar. Definitely Yevgeny Finkelstein is a new star on the Russian musical stage»

Westphalen Post, Germany:

«Evgueni Finkelstein combines highest technical virtuosity with prizes, loveful interpretation art. He plays absolute music»

Acoustic Music Catalog 2004:

«Yevgeni Finkelstein – fans of modern classical guitar music should take careful note of this name. The young Russian guitarist (born 1972 in Moscow) concluded a remarkable and successful academic career with Russia’s finest guitarists and guitar teaches, including Alexandr Frauchi, Kamill Frauchi and Nikita Koshkin. Today, Yevgeni Finkelstein is himself a teacher at the State Classical Academy in Moscow; he has won prizes at various international competitions and concretizes in Europe and the countries of the former Soviet Union.
Yevgeni Finkelstein’s major musical theme is the guitar music of contemporary composers. Many of the masterpieces represented on his first CD «The Fall Of Birds» are hardly known in western Europe and merit being discovered. This applies to performer as well: Yevgeni Finkelstein has been especially successful in perfectly reproduction the complex musical and formal language of Nikita Koshkin (born 1956). Finkelstein is a highly talented young guitarist with a masterful command of his unique repertoire. He handles the classical tradition with great creativiy and plays with expressive force, sharp contrasts and a grandiose sense of drama»