30.06.2017 10:00to04.07.2017 13:00

30th of June – 4th of July


Teachers — the winners of international competitions

Gerhard Reichenbach (Germany), Rovshan Mamedkuliyev (Russia),
Evgeni Finkelstein (Russia)
Master classes, lectures, concerts
G. Reichenbach, R. Mamedkuliyev, E. Finkelstein, A. Selyutina, “Russian guitar Quartet” (A. Inozemtseva, N. Rodionova, Yu. Alesnikov, V. Ivannikov), V. Danilina, “Compromise-duo” (D. Pritula, G. Seredin, ), the Duo “Russian guitar” (V. Markushevich, V. Sumin)
G. Reichenbach “Arrangement of music by J. S. Bach”;
V. Kuznetsov – “The problem of setting sound for classical guitar: realities and prospects”;
V. Markushevich – “Ignatz Geld and Andrew Sihra. Conversation about seven-string guitar”;
Y. Finkelstein – “Classical guitar in the Russian music of the XX century”.